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Perking Up Wilted Herbs

How to Rescue Wilted Herb Plants


Wilted Herbs

These herbs may look beyond hope, but just need a drink of water

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Herbs are among the easiest plants to grow, and are often very forgiving of neglect, poor soil conditions, and strange weather. But if you happen to find your beautiful basil looks horribly droopy, with shriveled leaves and wilted stems, don't despair, and don't run for the shovel to dig the plants up.

There's a decent chance that all your herbs need are a long, deep drink of water. Before you take drastic measures to rescue your herbs, simply water them generously. Don't overdo it (you don't want to drown the roots), and do take your cue from the soil -- as long as it's quickly drinking up the water, you should be in good shape. You may even see what had looked like dying herbs perk up and unfurl their leaves within a couple of hours.

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