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When I first started my little parsley growing adventure back in December, I promised to report on my plant's progress. Things were looking good a few weeks later when I saw my first parsley sprouts. Then winter really set in, and I started to worry about my poor little plant. Short days and artificial light didn't seem to help my fledgling parsley's photosynthesis prospects. It was too cold to leave it outside, so I made well-meaning but misguided attempts to put the parsley in the window to catch some rays. Invariably, I'd realize in a panic a few days later that I'd forgotten it there. I'd snatch the planter from the window, and try to water my parched parsley without drowning it, while I muttered apologies and entreaties to grow. But the sprouts turned spindly, some shriveled and turned brown, and I started to wonder if the plant could pull through. Of course, I was pretty sad I'd gotten my parsley into such a sorry state.

Then something miraculous happened. Spring sprung, and the lengthening days and warmer weather revived that little plant. It now resides happily in the window, and I don't forget to water it! The leaves are getting lush and wide, the stems are growing strong and tall, and the whole plant has turned a deeper shade of green. My gardening confidence has been renewed, too. Now I want to try all of Potting Shed Creations' Rice Hull Gardens. They've even got heirloom lavender!


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